An amateur’s journey to becoming a World Snooker Tour pro

Turning professional is the dream of many snooker players, but only a select few make it onto the World Snooker Tour. The journey from amateur to professional is not an easy one, and it takes dedication, hard work and a bit of luck.

The first step is to gain a professional ranking. This can be done by winning certain tournaments or by accumulating enough points through consistent good performances. Once a player has a professional ranking, they can then enter professional tournaments. However, it is still very difficult to make a living from snooker at this stage, as only the very top players earn enough prize money to cover their costs. Most players have to supplement their income with other work.

The next step is to try and break into the top 64 in the world rankings. This is the point at which players start to earn a decent living from snooker, as they are guaranteed prize money in all the big tournaments. Players who can consistently perform well at this level can hope to one day reach the very top of the game.

Snooker has been a popular sport for centuries, and the World Snooker Tour is where some of today’s best players compete against each other. To get into this professional league one must first win their way onto it by competing in various tournaments around world which can be quite difficult especially if you’re not British or Chinese!

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